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Multi Socket Lamp Cord Kits for Lanterns

Our Customer Service staff serves our website and catalog customers. We’re here to answer questions or help with orders via email , phone , or fax Note: Customer Service is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Southwire Lamp Cord is ideal for lamps, clocks, household fans and small appliances Used as internal wiring of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Plugs and sockets for portable appliances started becoming available in the s. A proliferation of types developed to address the issues of convenience and protection from electric shock. Today there are approximately 20 types in common use around the world see AC power plugs and sockets , and many obsolete socket types are still found in older buildings. When electricity was first introduced into houses in the s, it was primarily used for lighting. One common approach for other appliances such as vacuum cleaners, electric fans, smoothing irons and curling tong heaters was to connect to light bulb sockets using lampholder plugs.

As electricity became a common method of operating labour-saving appliances, a safe means of connection to the electric system other than using a light socket was needed. Thomas Tayler Smith of London, England received British patent in for an “Electric-Circuit Connection” to “enable the electric conductors conveying the current to one or more lamps, or along a flexible cord, to be rapidly and safely brought into connection with the line or main wires”.

Smith subsequently received US patent , [2] for the same device in

Jandorf Lamp Cord

Antique electric or oil lamps offer more than just a source of illumination after dark; many of these lamps feature hand-painted designs, offering a bit of decor for enjoyment any time of day. As with other types of antiques, reproductions of similar style are also on the market. From afar, reproductions may look like their older counterparts, but close inspection typically reveals the truth about their authenticity. In some cases, designs are not hand-painted; instead, they are decals or transfers that can be identified with a magnifying glass.

In an electric lamp, the cord often reveals the clue to the lamp’s age, unless the cord has been replaced. Inspect the cord; if it looks old, the lamp probably is as well.

The wiring inside many houses is also out of date, straining to supply our The damage to socket and wires remains even after the bulb has been removed.

Do you have an antique or a vintage lamp that might be quite valuable? Old lamps aren’t very hard to come by these days, especially with the surge of interest in antique shops, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, and furniture stores. There are a wide variety of lamps you can purchase, but how can you tell if your lamp is trash or treasure? With over 60 years of experience in the lighting business, Antique Lamp Supply offers the expertise and guidance you need to determine whether your old lamp is indeed a valuable item.

In this guide, we reveal some of the obvious clues to look for while inspecting your lamp, as well as some of the most common lamps that are fetching fantastic prices today. Before we dive into lamp identification, it’s important to explain the differences between antique, vintage, and modern lighting. By industry definition, an antique is a collectible object that has a considerable age of years or more. The term “vintage” is slightly trickier to define, because these furnishing terms are often interchanged to distract from lamp imperfections.

If an antique is some collectible that is over years old, a vintage item is bound by the era in which it was manufactured or rose to ubiquity. We often ascribe the term “vintage” to items less than years old but not in reference to items less than 20 years old. Nevertheless, a lamp’s age does not correspond to high value.

Modern lamps may be worth a fortune as collectibles, depending on the manufacturer or circumstances of their production.

Dangers of Frayed Lamp and Appliance Wires

Repairing household lamps that don’t work properly is easily done. Available at any well-stocked hardware or electrical store, the plug and cord are simple and inexpensive to replace. Installing a light socket is just as easy. Replacement sockets come in various finishes so you should be able to find a socket that is similar to the color tone of the existing socket.

Lamp cord is known as Type SPT, or zip cord.

Here are the tools for rewiring a lamp: Screwdriver; Replacement cord, plug, or socket; Wire stripper with cutting blade; Electrical tape.

Los Angeles, CA Perhaps you love estate sales and have been noticing some eye-catching lamps, or maybe you’ve found a handsome old lamp in your grandparents’ attic. However you found these amazing light fixtures, you might be wondering if they’re antique and worth restoring. Well, the short answer is that, if you like the lamp, have it restored. Additionally, you can make spare cash by selling restored lamps.

Find out if that dusty old lamp is really a gem in disguise. Perhaps the first step you should take is researching lamp styles that look similar to yours.

How to Identify Antique Lighting Fixtures

The lighting hardware found in homes during the early years is functionally the same as what we use today, but yet is far-removed in looks, and convenience. Here we offer both the old-style and more modern types of wiring components for electric lighting of all kinds. Cord, Plugs and Switches for Electric Lighting – ‘s. However, a UL inspector does have the ability to approve these wires for your assembly even though they are not listed.

Left: screw base to 2-pole outlet*. Right: non-grounded 15A, V plug to medium light bulb socket. Manufacturer: Leviton. * screw base outlets date back to a.

I love a good grandma challenge. Neither my mom or I ever remember seeing it before, and a lamp expert at a local antique shop guessed that it dated back to the very early days of electricity, even possibly converted from a gas lamp given certain characteristics. Grandma thought it would be a costly or even impossible repair, I was happy to give it a try and return it to its useful state. The vintage lamp had accrued a lot of dust, whereever it had been stored. The solution, coupled with the soft bristled toothbrush, was enough to clear the many crevices of dirt and dust.

The real reason I had taken this lamp in its assembled state to a lamp wiring specialist, was because I wanted to try and duplicate the silk-wrapped cord with a similar one. I tore right into it, disassembling the old wiring in full dislodging even more dust, how could one lamp be such a dust trap? In prepping the new wire for wiring the lamp, it was advised to dab super-glue around the edge of the cord to prevent fraying.

As I began to strip away the layers of fabric down to bare copper wire, it was apparent that the fraying would have been really bad and quickly destroy the whole cord had I not followed this tip.


We also have lamps, microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters. Our televisions are constantly plugged in, as are cable boxes and DVR. According to the U. Fire Administration, in , electrical fires accounted for nearly 24,, or 6. A lot of electrical fires are attributed to outlets being overloaded. Homeowners also accidently overload their electrical wiring when they use multiple-outlet extension cords instead of the primary outlet to plug things in.

Dangers of Frayed Lamp and Appliance Wires this electricity may not seem like a big deal so long as your wiring is up to date, you’re not as safe as you think.

Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value. Don’t assume because it’s old that it’s valuable. The same is true of modern lighting. It might not meet the traditional definition of years old to claim status as an antique, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a fortune as a collectible.

Examine the overall condition of the lamp.

US7520763B1 – Track lighting system with dependent lamp cord – Google Patents

At OttLite we strive to provide our customers with superior customer service. From the moment you purchase your lamp we want to make sure that you are able to do whatever it is that you love, longer. Call our Customer Service Desk at with any questions you have or even to order bulbs and lamps. OttLite tests all of our lamps numerous times to make sure that when it reaches your house it is completely ready. During the rare times you’re having problems, we want make sure the warranty process is as easy as possible for you.

Brighten any room and add style to any table top surface or office this stunning, chic table lamp. The USB power cord is perfect for an office desk or.

Need help? Have questions about your order? Check out our frequently asked questions below. General Technical Shipping Orders Products. All of our custom products are made to order in the USA. We are housed in a closed warehouse and do not currently have a storefront for retail operations or sales representatives in other cities. However, if you are a local customer, we can arrange a free pick-up for you with an advance order.

Please contact us for details or to make an appointment to pick-up. Pick-up orders may require production or warehouse lead time. We do not offer a print catalog of our products. We are constantly adding new products to our website making any print catalog out of date. Our website is the best place to see our complete product offering. If you are interested in ordering color samples of our wire you can order them here.

Chic Table Lamp – USB Power Cord

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Read our guide to learn some common electrical problems you might face, and the best solutions for each. The wiring inside many houses is also out of date, straining to supply our ever-growing collection of electricity-hungry appliances, lighting, and electronics.

Seattle City Light. MATERIAL STANDARD. Plugs, Lamp Holders, and Extension Cords. Standard Number: Superseding: Effective Date: Page.

Get ready to do a double take! With its sketchy-looking wiring, ’70s smoky amber glass, and metal birds, you would probably pass right by this pair of lamps. But these bicentennial throwbacks—with eagles—are actually sleek, modern lighting just waiting to happen. Photo by: Rachel Barker. Spray-painted high-gloss aqua, the dated lamps are now superchic. Teamed with leather ottomans, a burl wood console, and a graphic rug, they fancy up an entry—and play off the colors of the artwork.

Use wire cutters to cut off theplug at the base of the lamp. Unscrew the socket.

Trial date set for Bayonne woman accused of strangling husband with lamp cord

The years between to witnessed a rapid growth in the use of electric light and with it significant improvements in the design of light sockets. An understanding of what these changes were and when they occurred provides a valuable tool for dating early electric lamps. This discussion will gloss over internal modifications and focus on the external appearance, as this aspect is the most useful for on-the-spot assessments.

15′ lamp cord. Out of stock. Expected Availability Date: Unknown. 15 ft lamp cord with socket for use with all mogul based HPS & MH lamps (ballast required).

I have this very same lamp: I have rewired it and need help to determine where to find the right size bulbs to fit the three “candle” lights that have the 4″ tall sleeve? The three bulbs are standard E26 bulbs. It’s the center bulb that’s tougher to find. I just go this lamp free from an estate sale. That being said my Grandaughter may not get this for her starter apartment.

I used your instructions. Thank you!

How To Install A Lamp Switch – Smarter How to Tips

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